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The Writing of Thumosdegu Story

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The Writing of Thumosdegu Story

The Story’s Writing Process and Revision History

Nickantony Quach

Table of Contents

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  1. The First Thumoslang Generation
  2. About the Thumoslang PVD Group
  3. Origin of Thumosdegu
  4. Appendix 1 Thumosdegu Exit Criteria
  5. Release Notes & Feedback Request


1 | The First Thumoslang Generation

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Appeared on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV in 2020, Apex BMX is a group of friends in Rhode Island. The oldest is in high school, while the youngest is in elementary school as of late 2021. The group’s pictures appear on various pages all over the Thumoslang website.

Alec Mustafayev, my co-writer, is in the same generation as he is only four years older than the older BMX rider in the group. Alec first met the bike group a few months after he graduated from high school. While participating in one of the group’s earliest activities, Alec was still learning how to ride a bicycle.

When I first met Norman D. Baker in the summer of 2019, he and his cousin were on their BMX bikes. Nine years older than Alec, Norman also spends time doing BMX tricks with regular members of the Apex Group.

Alec, Norman, and several members of the Apex BMX Group often involve themselves with my work on the further development of Thumoslang. They also represent the first generation, born between 1993 and 2013, having the advantage of Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity.

We wrote several stories about Thumos philosophy, Thumoslang, and related topics. The most important story to me is the making of Thumoslang. Thumosdegu is a unique codename used to identify the story, Thumosdegu – The Making of Thumoslang. This document, The Writing of Thumosdegu Story, follows its writing process and revision history chronologically.


2 | About the Thumoslang PVD Group

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Alec Mustafayev and Nickantony Quach call themselves the Quach & Mustafayev Group. QMG, Norman D. Baker, and their associates make up the Thumoslang PVD Group (T3PVD). Its mission is to develop and distribute Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity.

They operate under the brand names Ri4C and thus Ri4CTV. The 4C is a phonetic play of foreseeing, but it means foresight. Rhode Island Foresight (Ri4C) is an affectionate name for their business. Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV) is an affectionate name for its YouTube channel. Its Instagram channel goes by the same name.

In late 2021, Nick began to write the story, Thumosdegu — The Making of Thumoslang. The writing of this story is T3PVD’s first project.


3 | Origin of Thumosdegu

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Providence, Rhode Island, November 19, 2021

As soon as I clicked here and searched for the thumoslang story, I realized that it’s not a good name for my story about the making of Thumoslang. The first result (#A1) is the Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Stories. The second result (#A2) is the Thumoslang page on the Ri4CTV website. The second result also includes the page on the same website (#A3), What is Thumoslang?

The fourth result (#B3) and the fifth result (#B4) are the following two Medium articles hosted by my Coalmont Magazine:

The sixth result (#A6) is a private webpage, but the seventh result (#A7) is Our Stories on the Thumoslang website. The eighth result (#A8) is Thumoslang Bottle, a story in videos. Under it, people also click here to search for the guide to thumoslang.

The ninth result (#A9) is the YouTube playlist Origin of Thumoslang, whereas the tenth result (#A10) is Ri4C Shop. Search results on the second page are not directly related to the topic in focus.

The above experience led me to decide and come up with a unique name or title for my story about the making of Thumoslang. With help from an online tool for codename generation, I arrived at Thumosdegu as the title of my online book. Its subtitle is The Making of Thumoslang.

Thumosdegu is not the same as Thumoskudu, a video series on Ri4CTV, the YouTube channel Rhode Island Foresight Television. It brings you the latest news from the Thumoslang Kudu Program, whose mission is to help you teach your groups to optimize their members’ lives.

The online book Thumosdegu is a sequence of parts, each of which is a booklet with its chapters on a single webpage. The first part is The Meaning of Having a Good Life or Career in Philosophy. As soon as Norman D. Baker saw it, he insisted we produce the video [Origin of the Thumoslang Summer Camp | Thumoskudu | S1E1](v=fO82_GoDjt8). It captured his reaction to Part 1 of Thumosdegu.

I went further and clicked here to search for the making of thumoslang. The first result (#B1) includes the YouTube playlist The Making of Thumoslang and the video [How to Get Started with Thumoslang? | Ask Steve Jobs | S1E11](v=K27EPEmjp2k). The second result (#B2) is the playlist itself.

The third result (#B3) and the fourth result (#B4) are the following two Medium articles hosted by my Coalmont Magazine:

The fifth result (#B5) and the sixth result (#B6) are the following two articles on the Ri4CTV website:

The seventh result (#B7) is the list of Thumoslang Training Videos, whereas the eighth result (#B8) is the T3love shortcut on the Ri4C website.

What a pleasant surprise, the ninth result (#B9) is the Kindle Vella tag stronger relationships.

The tenth result (#B10) is the same as #A8, Thumoslang Bottle. The only item standing out on the second page of the search result is the list of books (#B13) suggested by Ri4CTV Guide.

As I write Thumosdegu, I need to update all of the above links with the latest from Thumosdegu.

Nickantony Quach at 7:48 AM on 11/9/2021


Appendix 1 Thumosdegu Exit Criteria

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The online book, Thumosdegu — The Making of Thumoslang, is complete when it meets all of the exit criteria presented below.

Requirement 1

After reading the book, a new member of the Thumoslang PVD Group (T3PVD) should have a working knowledge of Thumoslang to become productive in a Thumoslang discussion.


Release Notes & Feedback Request

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It would be wonderful if you could help us correct or enhance any portion of this or another document we produced. In that case, please feel free to use our feedback form or contact the author directly; click here for his contact information. To obtain Thumoslang mentoring or other services, please contact the Quach & Mustafayev Group directly.

Revised at 4:46:02 AM on 12/5/2021 in Rhode Island, this document is updated regularly online and, when appropriate, updated in print. Use the following link for the latest version of this document

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