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21 What Are Thumoslang Thumbnail Definitions?

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A Thumoslang thumbnail definition, also known as a Thumos thumbnail, is a brief but concise definition written in Thumos syntax. Thumbnail definitions are themselves best explained using thumbnail definitions.

  • Thumbnail; that means, brief but concise.
  • Definition; that means, explanation of meaning.

A thumbnail definition explains the complex meaning in a few words. The first part names the concept in focus. The second part specifies when the concept is at play, in use, or relevant in the context. See Thumoslang Demo Slides.

Calling it a definition is a misnomer. A thumbnail definition does not describe a concept but rather when it is at play (currently occurring) to ensure the user selects the correct sense of the word. When interlocutors independently make the same selection for a term in focus during a discussion, they have a matching understanding. Thumoslang’s thumbnail definitions accomplish their mission by reminding interlocutors of the correct sense for a term in focus. The thumbnails use only a few words and thus avoid promoting unnecessary sideboard discussion.

A mere collection of all thumbnail definitions, Thumoslang is a vocabulary full of operating terms for social life. Its objective is to match understanding, whereas its mission is to prevent misinterpretation. Consider it a collection of operating terms people use to become more mature and sophisticated in social life; see Thumoslang Demo Slides.

Thumoslang’s immense power rests in its thumbnail definitions. You can use thumbnail definitions to save time studying, presenting, and creating for school, work, and the rest of your life. That applies to professionals, intellectuals, and everyone else, not just students.

The more you command thumbnail definitions, the more you are fluent in Thumoslang. The more you are fluent in Thumoslang, the less you have to waste time looking up the meaning of a word. With Thumoslang fluency, you are more powerful than you have been led to believe.

The more thumbnail definitions you know, the faster you can understand when you read or listen. You can speak fewer words using thumbnail definitions to convey more comprehensive messages. You have Thumoslang fluency when you have a high command of thumbnail definitions. That’s how you save time in your everyday life and put yourself on a better track toward your ideals.

The first 1,000 thumbnail definitions are in The Dictionary of Thumoslang. Bring it to every meeting because it helps you know who is correct in every argument.


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