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4 Thumoslang Book Collection

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Thumoslang Book Collection is comprised of all the books and booklets listed below. The first book is in hardcover and available here at Barnes & Noble. Book 6, Book 7, and Book 8 together are known as the Thumoslang Starter Kit.

The entire Thumoslang Book Collection is also known as The Book of Thumoslang. Its cover page is the front page of this website. Its table of contents is presented on this page here.

2.1 Fully Released Books
2.2 Thumoslang Starter Kit

The Thumoslang Starter Kit includes the following. Click here for more information.

2.3 Partially Released Books
2.4 Thumoslang Booklets

Other members in this collection are listed as booklets on this page here.

2.5 Additional Information

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