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Thumoslang Booklet Registry

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Thumoslang Booklet Registry

Out of Date as of December 2021

Nickantony Quach & Alec Mustafayev

NOTICE: This web page is out of date as of 12/7/2021.

All books and booklets hosted by this website are listed in this document. Here, a book hosted by this website is a sequence of webpages, each of which may be presented as a single-webpage booklet.

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  1. Introduction
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  4. Release Notes & Feedback Request


1 | Introduction

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Thumoslang booklets are thin single-page online books hosted at this website. Listed below in alphabetical order, they are all part of the Thumoslang Book Collection.

This document is part of the Thumoslang Startup Kit. The mission of the kit is to get you started with a New Family for Your Ideals.


2 | Booklet Listing

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The following booklets are part of the Thumoslang Book Collection. They are listed alphabetically here for ease of reference.

1 Strongest Way to Love – Introducing Thumos Love | About Strongest Love
Thumos Love is the strongest way to love. This webpage presents the booklet Strongest Way to Love. Its contents are presented in the List of Topics. Its purpose is to introduce The Book of Thumos Love.

2 About – The Thumoslang Website | About the T3site

Thumoslang learners, investors, and others are all welcome here.

3 Thumoslang – At-home Startup for Your Ideals
This document explains how you should build up from scratch a local group of in-person friends who are the best for your ideals. The previous document here explains what the group should look and feel like.
6 Guide to Thumoslang – Practical Steps to Your Ideals | Book8 Guide t3site

Discover how the power of social clarity could make your internal dialogues more effective, meaningful relationships much stronger, and the actualization of your ideals go faster.

7 Thumoslang Booklet Registry – Out of Date as of December 2021

NOTICE: This web page is out of date as of 12/7/2021.

All books and booklets hosted by this website are listed in this document. Here, a book hosted by this website is a sequence of webpages, each of which may be presented as a single-webpage booklet.

8 Thumoslang – Discovering Social Clarity
Narrated by Nickantony Quach, Alec Mustafayev, Norman D. Baker, and their guests, the YouTube series Discovering Social Clarity on the channel Ri4CTV presents the concept of social clarity and explains why everyone should discover how its power could make internal conversations more effective, meaningful relationships much stronger, and the actualization of personal ideals go faster. The series is based on, and participates in, the making of nomenclature for social clarity that is called Thumoslang. This nomenclature is a collection of over 800 falsifiable thumbnail definitions. Viewers will see how they can use many Thumoslang thumbnail definitions in combination as compelling evidence of a balance between logic and emotion in every social situation. Some may even join in for further development of the social-clarity movement.
9 Thumoslang Help Desk – Live Support Available
Live support is available via Instagram, texting, or email. Scroll down for the contact information.
10 Thumoslang Library Index – Accessible via
Welcome to the Index of Ri4C – Rhode Island Foresight! It is located at It provides the link to all that is accessible via

11 Chapter One – Introduction | Intro2book of Thumoslang

This webpage presents a booklet, which is a sequence of formal topics. This booklet tells visitors about this website, its current status, and how to make the most out of the knowledge presented therein.

12 Navigation – The Full Menu
13 Thumoslang – New Family for Your Ideals
Even if your natural family is perfect, you still need a new family for your ideals. The former is good for your heart but the latter is great for the entirety of your life. This document explains what your new family should look and feel like. The next document here explains how to build one up from scratch.
14 Thumoslang Onboarding – From Clueless to Leader in a Hurry
This document walks you through the sequence of steps necessary to bring you proficiency in Thumoslang.
15 Thumoslang – Promotion Works
This document is a trailhead to promotional materials for Thumoslang. The reader should have links accessing all the materials useful to the promotion of Thumoslang, its webpages, and its communities.
16 QMG Business Plan – Winter 2021
We are the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG). This is the Winter 2021 version of our single-page business plan. It was created based on this template here.
17 Thumoslang – Reparenting Booklet Zero
Reparenting is to learn what should have been taught by parents. Until 2017, parenting knowledge has always been incomplete. It’s time for reparenting everyone. This text is a mentoring handbook for everyone: students, parents, teachers, employees, employers, mentors, and leaders.
18 Thumoslang – Sponsor Kit
This document is for those who are interested in sponsoring our efforts in the development of Thumoslang as the nomenclature for social clarity. Sponsorship at every level is accepted.
19 Thumoslang Startup Kit – Making Future Income from Free Time
This startup kit is made for those who would like to turn their free time into future income. It is good especially for those who are still in the experimental stage of their life. If you are not in any group whose mission is your ideals, this kit is for you. Front and center in the kit is The Book of Startup.

You must not have any investment to begin your startup journey as guided by The Book of Startup. No special knowledge or experience is required to get started. Use the book to gain special knowledge and a lot of experience in something new. From wherever you are, you can almost immediately profit from the use of the book in many ways.

20 Thumoslang – The Language of Collaboration – Guided Thumoslang Tour to Collaboration | T3lang of Collaboration

Thumoslang is the language of collaboration, which takes place at home, in school, at work, and everywhere else. Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social clarity, can bring your family, your students, your friendship, your groups, and your hometown to a much-higher level of success. If you know the importance in the widespread control of fire, you may want to use Thumoslang and participate in the widespread use of social clarity. It’s time for Social Clarity Now!

21 Thumoslang Website Roadmap – Website Work Prioritization 2021 | T3site Prioritization

This document spells out the necessary work for further development of this website. If you would like to help with this work, contact Nickantony Quach.

Priority ONE is to make this website friendly to prospective members of our startup club. How would it make the locals want to join us?

22 T3startupPVD Club Invite – Join Our Startup Club in Providence
23 The Thumoslang Story Challenge – | T3story Challenge

The most important thing in your life is your ideal self: what you truly want to become. The fastest way to your ideals is through social shortcuts, which are derived from your relationships. To have more shortcuts and less roadblocks with even less effort, you need social clarity. To become an expert in social life, you must speak Thumoslang, which is the nomenclature for social clarity. Thumoslang gives many opportunities for you to participate in the making of the greatest victory for humanity by spreading the use of social clarity. The widespread use of social clarity is just as important as the widespread control of fire. This document explains why and how. All is based on the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. The Thumoslang Story Challenge gives you an opportunity to tell the story of your part in the making of the greatest victory for humanity.

24 Thumoslang Books – From the Thumoslang Library
All books and booklets in the Thumoslang Library are presented below.
25 Thumoslang Pentalogy – Five Reading Series on Kindle Vella
26 Thumoslang Videos – And Videos on Thumos Philosophy | Thumoslang Video Library

27 Thumoslang Website Roadmap – What’s Next for the Website?
28 Thumoslang101 – Training Process and Videos | Thumoslang101 booklet
Thumoslang is the nomenclature for social clarity. It was first created in 2017 but its power was not discovered until December 2018. The power could not be effectively demonstrated until it was done on Ri4CTV using the six-episode YouTube series Thumoslang101, which was filmed in August 2019. The last episode was first released on Ri4CTV in March 2020, when the shutdown of social life began, due to Covid-19. This document provides information about the series, its use, and how it gave rise to, thanks to Thumoslang, the widespread use of social clarity.


3 | Book Listing

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The following books are also part of the Thumoslang Book Collection. They are listed in the order of appearance.

1 Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration (Book 1, hardcover)
This hardcover is available here at Barnes & Noble. It is the original Thumos book, which presents the Thumos Philosophy and thus by default registers the first set of Thumoslang thumbnail definitions.
2 The Primer for Fellowship – A Guide to Relationship Cultivation (Book 2)
We live in the most powerful country on Earth but there’s nothing special about how we treat each other. We can do better. How?
3 Thumoslang – The Friends Best for Your Ideals (Book 3)
Your ideals are all the things that makes up your ideal self, which is what you truly want to become. “Everything else is secondary,” said Steve Jobs. If no friends and no groups are available on a regular basis to work with you on your personal ideals, you should read this book and learn how to create the best group of friends focusing on both the development and the realization of your ideals. If you don’t know how to express your ideals, this book shows you how.
4 Thumoslang – Helping You Make Friends Who Are the Best for Your Ideals (Book 4)
The material in this book is more practical and less theoretical than that which is presented by others in the same collection. With the student (Part 1), the mentor (Part 2), and the teacher (Part 3) in mind, it is divided into three main parts for them. Additional parts are included to support both the book’s purpose and the author’s mission: (Part 4) Unpaid Volunteer Internship Jobs and (Part 5) Keep Loneliness at Bay for Good.
5 Thumoslang – Falsifiable Love & Blockchain Technology (Book 5)
This book is for anyone who wants to stop going to work for others and start working on their own dreams. It shows you a practical path towards personal wealth: passive income!
6 Thumoslang Dictionary (Book 6)
Entries in this dictionary are sorted by context rather than by alphabetical order like in a normal dictionary. They are also sorted to an extent by profession. As one or another problem pops up in your life, you can thus quickly locate the terms useful in solving it with a simple look at the table of contents. That is how you can ensure the power of language is always on your side.
7 Thumoslang Handbook (Book 7)
Using the knowledge presented herein, you are capable of speaking the greater language, building stronger relationships, and actualizing more ideals. Thumoslang is what makes it all possible. The mission of Thumoslang is to minimize misunderstanding, which is often the root cause of all the unwanted drama. When you could have the least amount of unwanted drama, you would be able to go at the fastest speed possible towards your ideals.
8 Guide to Thumoslang (Book 8)
Publish a great book, graduate from high school then college, become a parent, and bring all your other dreams to life. Do them all at the most appropriate time. Such a major undertaking of realizing all your ideals cannot be carried out without deliberation and purpose of an enterprise: your business of the self. Its mission is to conceive and develop further your ideal self. This book gets you started.
9 The Book of Thumoslang (Book 9)
This is the 9th book of the Thumoslang Book Collection. Its cover page is presented as the front page of its hosting website It is a meta book as it presents information about itself and all other books in the Thumoslang Book Collection. All are produced by the Quach & Mustafayev Group.
10 Thumoslang Chronicle (Book 10)
As much objectively as possible, this document reports many events related to the origin, the development, and the use of Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social clarity. Historical interpretation is not its main concern.
11 Thumoslang Onboarding (Book 11, booklet)
This document walks you through the sequence of steps necessary to bring you proficiency in Thumoslang.

[End of Booklet]

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Release Notes & Feedback Request

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It would be wonderful if you could help us correct or enhance any portion of this or another document we produced. In that case, please feel free to use our feedback form or contact the author directly; click here for his contact information. To obtain Thumoslang mentoring or other services, please contact the Quach & Mustafayev Group directly.

Revised at 4:02:05 PM on 12/7/2021 in Rhode Island, this document is updated regularly online and, when appropriate, updated in print. Use the following link for the latest version of this document

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