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Thumoslang Kudu Book 1A

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You’re viewing the cover page of the online book Thumoslang Kudu Book 1A whose subtitle is

A Call for Research on Helping Members of Your Group Optimize Their Life with Social Clarity

About This Book

Thumoslang Kudu is a long-term program for group development, which involves personal development and our humanity’s advancement. The purpose of this online book, Thumoslang Kudu Book 1A, is to prepare program participants with the knowledge necessary to help members of their group realize their ideals at the highest speed possible using Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity. The byproduct is to increase the group’s productivity drastically.

  • Optimum; that means, the best obtainable.

This book thereby shows you how to become an effective leader of your group–your family, your club, or your organization–by bringing social clarity to your group members, including yourself. This book is for individuals who want to optimize their lives directly and those who want to help their group members optimize their lives using Thumoslang. For those with intellectual capabilities, this book also asks them to do further research on a better way to meet the challenge of optimal life for themselves and their groups.

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