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Overview of Trekvella aka Thumoslang Octalogy

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Current Status of the Octalogy

What is Thumoslang?

Nickantony Quach, Alec Mustafayev, and their associates call themselves the Quach & Mustafayev Group. QMG is the operator of Ri4CTV, a channel on YouTube. Its sister channel on Instagram goes by the same name.

In July 2021, on the second day of operation for Kindle Vella, QMG created Trekvella, the octalogy of eight series supplementary to one another on the reading platform. Together with the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, available at Barnes & Noble, the octalogy kickstarts the principal source of Thumoslang knowledge.

  1. Thumoslang Stories
  2. Practical Guide to Thumoslang
  3. Thumoslang at Work
  4. Thumoslang Philosophy
  5. Personal Startup Using Thumoslang
  6. Thumoslang Chronicle
  7. Parenting Made Perfect
  8. The Business of Your Ideals
  9. Reparenting Trek

Read them all to supersize your linguistic power and become a superhero in your social circles.

Descriptions | Status

T3 Directory as a Shortcut

T3 Directory ( is a shortcut to all things Thumoslang; T3 is an internal abbreviation for Thumoslang.

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