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3 Thumoslang Podcast Development

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Alec Mustafayev (pictured) is about to create a podcast program called Radio Foresight. Alec disclosed his initial ideas for the program in the video [Initial Ideas for the Radio Foresight Podcast | Bongo1PVD History | S1E33 | @Ri4CTV](v=4RU7gaSFm_Y).

He first proposed the idea under a different name on May 10, 2022; see the video [Proposing Foresight Public Radio | Bongo1PVD History | S1E28 | @Ri4CTV](v=z3BI4fr9lpw).

If you would like to participate in developing the business known as Radio Foresight, contact Alec or another member of the Thumoslang DevTeam.

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