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Thumoslang Reading Series on Kindle Vella

Trekvella Homepage | Status & News | Series Descriptions
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Trekvella is an affectionate name for the Thumoslang Reading Collection on Kindle Vella. For details, see Trekvella Homepage or Series Descriptions. Click here for its current status and the latest news.

Title Count About Updated
S1 Thumoslang Stories 8 episodes Info Aug 23
Conversations demonstrating Thumoslang’s immense power
S2 Practical Guide to Thumoslang 8 episodes Info Aug 24
Analysis of social interactions using Thumoslang
S3 Thumoslang at Work 8 episodes Info Aug 23
True stories of people improving their lives using Thumoslang
S4 Thumoslang Philosophy 8 episodes Info Aug 26
Portrayals of Thumoslang in its most unfiltered form
S5 Personal Startup Using Thumoslang 7 episodes Info Aug 23
How to use Thumoslang for your business-of-the-self
S6 Thumoslang Chronicle 4 episodes Info Aug 24
People and Events Behind Thumoslang
S7 Parenting Made Perfect 7 episodes Info Aug 23
How to improve your traditional family
S8 The Business of Your Ideals 8 episodes Info Aug 27
How to develop a second-mind family for your ideals
S9 Reparenting Trek 5 episodes Info Sep 19
History of reparenting humanity || Edit

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