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5 Thumoslang Starter Kit

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The Book of Thumoslang is the 9th book of the Thumoslang Book Collection. Its cover page is presented as the front page of its hosting website Its table of contents can be accessed via the first command on the pink menu. It is a meta book as it presents information about itself and all other books in the collection.

Produced by the Quach & Mustafayev Group, the Thumoslang Starter Kit is comprised of the following online books, which are hosted at the same website. They are all part of the Thumoslang Book Collection.

Also included in the starter kit is the following:

The Guidebook is the simplest of them all, and highly recommended as a first read for those who have never learned about Thumoslang before. The Handbook is slightly advanced, and recommended for those who have a moderate amount of knowledge on what Thumoslang is. The Dictionary is intended for advanced users of Thumoslang, as the purpose it serves is less for teaching and more for reference of Thumoslang terms when necessary.

Additional Information
  • Guide to Thumoslang is to be used as a guidebook in mentoring settings. Within two dozen paragraphs, it explains why its readers should begin their Thumoslang journey.
  • Thumoslang Dictionary defines all key terms in Thumoslang. The nomenclature for social clarity is thus fully presented therein.
  • All videos mentioned in these books are gathered in the YouTube playlist Thumoslang109 Training Videos on Ri4CTV.
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