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4 Thumoslang Use by a Third-grader

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[1] To become an expert in any field, you must first learn its naming system, more commonly known as nomenclature. Using its formal vocabulary, you are far more powerful when discussing various topics in the field. If you want to become an expert in social life, learn Thumoslang, the terminology for social life. Those who study Thumoslang can unlearn and even dodge the misconceptions their society feeds them over fundamental concepts in social life.

[2] Aspiring teachers and leaders should take note. When you teach Thumoslang, you raise the learner’s maturity, give them the power to speak to you as an equal, and show them how to profit from their relations. Your students will become better learners when they benefit more from their relations.

When you teach Thumoslang, you raise the learner’s maturity.

[3] The immense power of Thumoslang plays out in the true story told in the video [How The Children Should Speak The Parent Language | NDBaker93 | S6E11](v=RE2pjyz5Flo). You will hear how a third-grader used Thumoslang to prevent his father from abusing his power over him. This video casually introduces Thumoslang as a game-changer to YouTube viewers. You might want to use it as a social icebreaker with new friends.

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