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About the Thumoslang Online Book Series

Based on the original Thumos textbook (OTB), the Thumoslang Online Book Series (TOBS) is a collection of books hosted on the Thumoslang website. The books act as the official source of Thumoslang knowledge.

Basic Concepts of Thumoslang (BCT) is the third book containing the Index of Operating Terms in Thumoslang. The list includes all Thumoslang thumbnail definitions in the series (TOBS). Each index entry points to where readers might first encounter the concept.

The second book, Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR), tells a local story of how a group in Rhode Island applies the universal concepts introduced by the first book, Thumoslang on the Run (OTR), which teaches Thumoslang to beginners. TCR offers teaching material for the next level.

The first two books in the series will be available in print, but this online book (BCT) is not available in print.

Every online book is a sequence of chapters; each is on a separate webpage with its navigation near the upper-right corner. It may present a TN link, taking you to the chapter’s teaching notes.

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