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Trekvella Series 1 Thumoslang Stories

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Description of Each Episode


Thumoslang Stories is an online reading series hosted by Amazon’s reading platform Kindle Vella. Each chapter is an episode. The first three are free of charge.

Trekvella is an affectionate nickname for the collection of all Thumoslang books on Kindle Vella. The series Thumoslang Stories is Series 1 of the reading collection Trekvella.

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Series 1 Description on Kindle Vella

This series allows you to superpower your social life. Using its knowledge, the series shows the proper way to become successful, know how many relationships you should have, and what it means to be a leader. Each episode is a true story. In addition, you learn how to express your ideals so clearly that others understand how to respect you fully and avoid interfering with your life. How can others love if they do not first respect you? Read this series and get more love with less effort.

Extended Description

The first Trekvella series, Thumoslang Stories, typically consists of two people having a philosophical discussion. That is the best way to demonstrate Thumoslang. For example, it’s hard to internalize the definition of success before reading the first story, An Important Walk. It recounts a conversation between Nick, a published philosopher, and David, a high school student. In this conversation, David discovers the objective meaning of success as a concept. Nick unintentionally demonstrates how a Thumoslang user could change another person’s worldview in a few sentences.

About the Author

Nickantony Quach and Alec Mustafayev call themselves the Quach & Mustafayev Group. QMG is the operator of Ri4CTV, a channel on YouTube. Its sister channel on Instagram goes by the same name. Based on the original Thumos textbook (OTB), QMG produced the first nine reading series of the reading collection Trekvella in 2021.

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