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Trekvella is a collection of over eight series covering more than 60 episodes on Amazon’s reading platform Kindle Vella. In addition to teaching Thumoslang, most episodes serve as introductions to and a glimpse into the lives of real people with real problems seeking practical solutions. These episodes also maintain a consistent set of main characters who possess an overarching plot among all the one-offs. So far, these characters are Alec Mustafayev, Jairson Ascencao, Norman D. Baker, and Nickantony Quach.

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Listing of All Series in Trekvella

Below is the list of all series in Trekvella. Click here to search on Kindle Vella for all Thumoslang series of Trekvella.

  1. Thumoslang Stories
  2. Practical Guide to Thumoslang
  3. Thumoslang at Work
  4. Thumoslang Philosophy
  5. Personal Startup Using Thumoslang
  6. Thumoslang Chronicle
  7. Parenting Made Perfect
  8. The Business of Your Ideals
  9. Reparenting Trek

Click here for the Description of Each Series in Trekvella.

Click here for all on the same page: All Episodes in Trekvella as of January 2022

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