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Thumoslang Videos

And Videos on Thumos Philosophy

Nickantony Quach & Alec Mustafayev

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  1. Thumoslang Videos
  2. Original Thumoslang YouTube Series
  3. Original YouTube Series on Thumos Philosophy
  4. Estimated Word Count
  5. Release Notes


1 Thumoslang Videos

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Thumoslang Training Videos
This is a booklet about training videos on Thumoslang.
Part of the Thumoslang Starter Kit, Thumoslang109 is a collection of YouTube videos used in Thumoslang training.


2 Original Thumoslang YouTube Series

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starring Alec Mustafayev and others
starring John Kandalaft
starring Nickantony Quach and others
starring Alec Mustafayev during Covid-19

4 Estimated Word Count


This section will be removed in the final draft as it contains only editorial information.

In total, this book has around 88 words. That’s 1 pages, with 350 words per paperback page as a working average: source.

Of the 3 sections, the average word count per section is around 29 words.

To reviewers, this booklet has 9 words not considered as basic English. They are listed below when this text is generated in local mode.

5 Release Notes


Revised at 1:01:01 PM on 3/29/2021 in Rhode Island, this document is updated regularly online and periodically updated in print. It’s part of, or in support of, the Thumoslang Book Collection. Use the following link for the latest version of this document

To offer feedback or comment on anything presented herein or to obtain Thumoslang mentoring or other services, please contact the Quach & Mustafayev Group directly.

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