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Nickantony Quach & Alec Mustafayev

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  1. Thumoslang Video Series 2021
  2. Thumoslang Video Collections 2020
  3. Thumoslang Video Series 2020
  4. Original Thumoslang YouTube Series
  5. Original YouTube Series on Thumos Philosophy
  6. Historical Thumoslang YouTube Series
  7. Release Notes


2 Thumoslang Video Collections 2020

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Overhaul Your Business of the Self Using Thumoslang

The best-ever New Year’s Resolution is using Thumoslang to give your business of the self a serious overhaul, which makes you far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. Ri4CTV leads the way. Watch the YouTube series NDBaker93 on Ri4CTV to absorb Thumoslang by osmosis. Videos in this collection should get you started with a great deal of foresight for your personal philosophy in the New Year.

Thumoslang for Life

This video collection is indispensable to your Thumoslang personal journey, which is your life’s game changer. Its videos are used as ink to write the companion book by the same name.

Thumoslang Training Videos

This is a booklet about training videos on Thumoslang.

Part of the Thumoslang Starter Kit, Thumoslang109 is a collection of YouTube videos used in Thumoslang training.


4 Original Thumoslang YouTube Series

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Starring Alec Mustafayev and others


Starring John Kandalaft


Starring Nickantony Quach and others


Starring Alec Mustafayev during Covid-19


6 Historical Thumoslang YouTube Series

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About Thumos Book
About Thumos Bubble
NDBaker93 Season 24 Thumoslang Textbook Project Vera

This video “series” has one and only one episode. It was supposed to capture the first attempt in writing a textbook for Thumoslang. The project was named Vera. The project was cancelled by default.

Origin of Thumoslang

This playlist is the collection of the earliest videos containing material on or related to the concept of Thumoslang. They are sorted by upload date starting with the oldest one. This playlist was created on 9/3/2020, then same day when the following webpage was written to track the precursor to Thumoslang; see

Project Vera – First Thumoslang Textbook

7 Release Notes


Revised at 8:40:38 AM on 8/20/2021 in Rhode Island, this document is updated regularly online and, when appropriate, updated in print. Use the following link for the latest version of this document

To offer feedback or comment on anything presented herein or to obtain Thumoslang mentoring or other services, please contact the Quach & Mustafayev Group directly.

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