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What is a Wealth-Building Friend Group?

WBFG is not an investment club; it’s a new kind of friend group, for building wealth based on its members’ personal ideals.

Thumoslang World | Other Thumoslang What-is Answers

In Thumoslang nomenclature, as of January 2022, a bongo is a wealth-building friend group (WBFG). Its members are bongo builders, also known as bongo siblings. A secondmind is a bongo sibling; a secondmind family is an affectionate name for a bongo. A WBFG is not an investment club. The latter is a group of people who pool their money to make investments. In contrast, the former is a group of friends who pool their intelligence to create wealth from their empty hands. Elaboration follows.

Inside the world of Thumoslang are Thumoslang participants; outside are Thumoslang muggles, who know nothing about Thumoslang. While participants include Thumoslang practitioners and Thumoslang organizers, practitioners include Thumoslang learners, bongo builders, and Thumoslang pioneers. Learners emphasize subjectivity, whereas builders bank on relationships. Pioneers bring both groups to a higher orbit.

As stated in Chapter 2 of Thumosdegu Part 3, we want to create a group of friends who will stick with us much longer than the friends we lost in the past. It takes time and other resources to build a friend group as our social capital. Along the way, we should be able to profit from such investment. Nickantony Quach (left) created the concept of WBFG in early December 2021 while writing Building Wealth from Empty Hands. The first example of WBFG in real life is the Thumoslang PVD Group (T3PVD).

SIDENOTE: “The phrase, wealth-building friend group, is a mouthful. Its abbreviation barely helps as it trims off only a single syllable. Neither the phrase nor its abbreviation is good enough in a prolonged discussion that often brings up the concept. Nickantony Quach and Alec Mustafayev saw the issue in an extended discussion of theirs during the last days of 2021. That’s why they considered using the term “bongo” as a nickname for a wealth-building friend group.” — Source of the sidenote

WBFG is not an investment club. The latter is a group of people who pool their money to make investments. In contrast, the former is a group of friends who pool their intelligence to create wealth from their empty hands. Generally, older people form an investment club after they have some money. Typically younger people form a WBFG while still poor and in the experimental stage of their lives.

The default language of a WBFG is Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth. However, WBFG is not a Thumoslang-learning club; it’s not a single-purpose group such as a chess club.

The default mission of the group is to build wealth based on its members’ personal ideals. For that, group members must foresee the development of their ideals and have foresight into why people would want to pay for the realization of their ideals. The following five Thumoslang thumbnail definitions explain the concept of wealth as used herein.

  • Service; that means, deliberate assistance.
  • Benefit; that means, service to others.
  • Gain; that means, received benefits.
  • Income; that means, spendable gains.
  • Wealth; that means, passive income.

WBFG may choose to build social capital as its first form of wealth. Social capital, however, does not imply immediate or direct financial gains.

A metonymic expression of foreseeing or foresight is “4C.” Since T3PVD sits in Rhode Island, its YouTube channel is Ri4CTV, which means Rhode Island Foresight Television. The channel serves WBFG’s everywhere by publishing videos about Thumoslang and related topics.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of foresight. Alec Mustafayev (right) believes that every WBFG works like a Foresight Club. It’s an idea for anyone who wants to create a conflict-free and pleasant learning experience for a small group; see Foresight Club Architecture. The club operates using four sets of basic rules based on its four philosophical pillars: freedom, inclusion, respect, and methodology; see the Foresight Club Architecture Presentation.

Members of your WBFG are the best kind of friends. They knew one another when they were nobodies. They tend to stick together for life as their wealth depends on their personal ideals.

WBFG is an alternative approach to a traditional career. The latter often takes you away from your preferred hometown and away from existing friends. That’s how many friendships faded away in the first place.

WBFG is all about localization; members choose to live in one place instead of moving around as a career dictates. It is the opposite of globalization. The idea is to offer the global markets what personal ideals of a group can generate. The ultimate goals are friends for life and income for good in the same package.

SOURCE: The above text is from Chapter 6 of Thumosdegu Part 3 — Making Friends Good Enough for Your Ideals.


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