Social Clarity Now – The Shortcut to Your Ideals

What is Social Clarity?

Operating Terms

When you spend more time in damage control mode and less time benefiting from your various relations, you waste much effort in your social life. Such a cost of opportunity keeps you from going at high speed towards your ideals, creating your ideal self, and actualizing what you truly want to become. This is likely due to a lack of social clarity, essential for internal conversations and meaningful relationships.

The complete understanding of a particular situation in your social life is social clarity. Social clarity is how well you understand all the implications of a particular social situation. In other words, you achieved social clarity for a social situation if you understood all its implications.

  • Social clarity; that means, reported implications.

Social clarity is the mission of Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth.

Thumoslang on the Run explains further; see Chapter 2, A Better Life with Thumoslang.

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