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Stronger Social Fabric

13 What is Social Clarity?

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Course Instruction
  • Read and follow all instructions in the next section, Required Reading.
Required Reading

[1] When you spend more time in damage control mode and less time benefiting from your various relations, you waste much effort in your social life. Such a cost of opportunity keeps you from going at high speed toward your ideals, creating your ideal self, and actualizing what you truly want to become. This is likely due to a lack of social clarity, which is essential for internal conversations and meaningful relationships.

[2] The complete understanding of a particular situation in your social life is social clarity. Social clarity is how well you understand all the implications of a particular social situation. In other words, you achieve clarity in a social situation if you understand all its implications.

  • Involvement; that means, causing inclusion.
  • Implication; that means, intimate involvement.
  • Social clarity; that means, reported implications.

[3] Using Thumoslang, you can mend existing relationships effectively, build new ones quickly, and make them last longer. Meaningful yet lasting relationships are what we need to build wealth and bring a good life to our loved ones. All is possible with the power of social clarity enabled by Thumoslang. Chapter 2, A Better Life with Thumoslang, of Life in 184 Words elaborates.

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