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Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for social life. It is so good that you could use it to reparent humanity. Its mission is social clarity, whereas its objective is people having a matching understanding. You achieved social clarity for a social situation if you understood it entirely.

Thumoslang is a platform philosophy but without a set of rules. Nickantony Quach (left) and Mark Canny (right) used it to construct their Thumos Philosophy, also known as PVD Philosophy, as documented by their 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, the original textbook, available in hardcover at Barnes & Noble. It was Mike Vanseveren (center) who first proposed using the term Thumos as part of the book’s title. The YouTube series PVD Philosophy offers an introduction to the book.

The suffix -lang gives it away as a language. You could falsifiably compare any pair of philosophies or religions by translating all their rules into Thumoslang. More importantly, anyone could use Thumoslang as a platform to develop their philosophy.

The term Thumoslang itself did not appear in the original textbook because neither Nick nor Mark understood its power. Nick first realized its immense power in December 2018 when he used only three sentences from the vocabulary to change the life of a high school graduate. The event gave birth to the language of Thumos, or simply Thumoslang. When Norman D. Baker (right) told Nick in 2019 that the term rolled off of his tongue so easily, the name stuck for good.

Alec Mustafayev (left), born in 2002, is the first who grew up with Thumoslang since high school. In 2021, he and Nick produced the first 60 articles for the octalogy Trek Vella, an affectionate name for the Thumoslang Reading Collection on Kindle Vella.

The YouTube series Thumoslang101 offers the first demonstration of Thumoslang. The YouTube series Thumoslang102 demonstrate the first use of Thumoslang101 in a mentoring session. The two series NDBaker93 Season 7 aka Thumoslang104 and NDBaker93 Season 12 aka Thumoslang106 offer a further demonstration of how helpful Thumoslang101 is in mentoring. All are available on Ri4CTV, the YouTube channel Rhode Island Foresight Television.

The original textbook, the octalogy, and all the YouTube series mentioned above altogether make up the basic teaching material, which acts as the authoritative source of Thumoslang knowledge.

Using Jamie Wheal’s speak, while religions supplied Meaning 1.0, technologies brought about Meaning 2.0. Thumoslang gives rise to Meaning 3.0 as it helps members of our humanity deal with problems beyond the reach of both religions and technologies.


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