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Stronger Social Fabric

What is Thumoslang?

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Unintentionally created in 2017, accidentally discovered in 2018, and first taught in 2019, Thumoslang is the first formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity. Social clarity is how well you understand all the implications of a particular social situation. It is the complete understanding of a particular situation in your social life. It saves you time in all you do. You can use Thumoslang to clarify personal ideals, keep internal dialogue unambiguous, and achieve social clarity in all relations. Thumoslang can even help you determine who is correct in every argument.

The objective of Thumoslang is for people to have a matching understanding, especially in difficult situations. A linguistic tool for timesaving through social clarity and matching understanding, Thumoslang is the new weave for a stronger social fabric in every human society.

The suffix -lang gives Thumoslang away as a language, that of the original Thumos textbook (OTB). However, much more formal, it is a nomenclature.

  • Nomenclature; that means, operating terms for matching understanding.

To become an expert in any field, you must first learn its nomenclature. Using its vocabulary, you are far more powerful when you talk about various topics in the field. Likewise, you become much better at relationships using Thumoslang as the formal vocabulary for social life. With Thumoslang, you can have more meaningful and lasting relationships with less effort.

Unwanted yet preventable drama impedes human flourishing in every stage of life. This is true for everyone, including those at the bottom, top, and between. The solution is Thumoslang; it saves you time in all you do. Use it to know who is correct in every argument.

Based on falsifiable truth and as a science, Thumoslang helps make your internal dialogue more effective and your relationships more meaningful and robust. The actualization of your ideals, thus, goes much faster. To maximize your group’s productivity, help its members reach their ideals as soon as possible using Thumoslang.

The vocabulary’s immense power rests in its countless thumbnail definitions, many found in the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, also known as the original Thumos textbook (OTB). To be clear, Thumoslang is a mere collection of all thumbnail definitions. Over 1,000 Thumoslang thumbnail definitions appear in The Dictionary of Thumoslang.

If you were the only English-speaking person in your family here in the U.S., you would often find yourself being a language hero. That would not be possible if you didn’t pay your dues and learned the language over many years. As a vocabulary, Thumoslang works likewise. You should not wait until you need it to take the first lessons. Now is the time to learn the vocabulary and give yourself a chance to become a social hero in your circles. You may not want to live through another month without profiting from the use of Thumoslang.

“Hi, I’m Anthony. After reading the introduction, I believe this book, The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024, is worth 50 to 60 dollars,” said a high school student in an unexpected interview on a random bus ride in September 2022; see the video [The Second Pricing Suggestion | About the Thumoslang Dictionary | S1E2 | @ri4ctv](v=L2DXO6qKXjg). “The information held in this book is priceless.”

To researchers, Thumoslang is a platform philosophy with no rules. They could falsifiably compare philosophies or religions by translating all their rules into Thumoslang. More importantly, anyone could use Thumoslang as a foundation to build a custom or personal philosophy.

Created in 2017 by Nickantony Quach (pictured, right) and Mark Canny (left) when they published their book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, Thumoslang is an efficient approach to communication, notably in complex collaboration. It promotes a set of advanced collaboration techniques. You can think of Thumoslang as the new “technology” to speed up every conversation’s benefit. You can use it to change a person’s worldview with just a few sentences. Think of it as a collection of operating terms people use to have a matching collective understanding while maintaining their individuality. As a result, they become more mature and sophisticated in social life.

The 2017 book does not mention Thumoslang because the author did not realize its power before publication. Mr. Quach discovered it in December 2018. He could not demonstrate the power of Thumoslang until August 2019, when he unexpectedly captured his three-hour conversation with Ifeanyi Onyekaba and produced the YouTube series Thumoslang101. It might turn out to be the conversation that changes the world, as speculated by the YouTube series Thumoslang102. After several years of arduous research and further development, he finally wrote the first two books for teaching Thumoslang in 2022.

Alec Mustafayev (pictured, left) is the first who grew up with Thumoslang since high school. Lyonel Fritsch is the first who grew up with Thumoslang since college. They are 2020 graduates of Classical High of Providence, Rhode Island.

The immense power of Thumoslang helps mitigate The Collapse of Meaning in your life; see Chapter 35 of Life in 184 Words, also known as Thumoslang on the Run (OTR). You cannot overstate the importance of Thumoslang. It’s essential to a single mind and crucial to a pair of minds.

When you involve Thumoslang with only a single mind, yours, you deal with its Level-1 importance. When you do it with two minds, you deal with its Level-2 importance. The latter should involve two Thumoslang-trained minds, whereas the former involves one. When you involve Thumoslang with a small team, you deal with its Level-3 or Level-4 importance. Thumoslang’s level of importance increases as you involve more and more people with a degree of fluency in Thumoslang. Tell me more.


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