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What is Thumoslang?


The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024 is now available on Amazon. By using this book in every serious conversation, you know who is correct in every argument. When your mind must go faster in the discussion, this book will make you cool, calm, and collected. Sharpen your power of discernment with this book to maintain a coherent self-dialogue and build stronger logic. Why not give this book to make your group, school, or company much more productive?

“Hi, I’m Anthony. After reading the introduction, I believe this book, The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024, is worth 50 to 60 dollars,” said a high school student in the video [The Second Pricing Suggestion | About the Thumoslang Dictionary | S1E2 | @ri4ctv](v=L2DXO6qKXjg). “The information held in this book is priceless.”


State of Thumoslang | Conceptual Overview

What is a Thumoslang-oriented Economy?

Best explained in Chapter 35 of the online book Thumoslang on the Run, Thumoslang can help you mitigate The Collapse of Meaning in your life.

Unwanted yet preventable drama is a significant impediment to human flourishing in every stage of life. This is true for everyone, including those at the bottom, top, and anywhere between. Created in 2017, Thumoslang is a systematic solution for individuals and groups of any size. Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth. Its mission is social clarity; its objective is for people to have a matching understanding. Its power of social clarity could make your internal dialogues more effective and your relationships more meaningful and more robust. Thus, the actualization of your ideals goes much faster. To maximize your group’s productivity, help its members reach their ideals at the maximum speed possible through the user of Thumoslang. Read more at the Executive Briefing on Thumoslang.

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Other Thumoslang What-is Answers

How Important is Thumoslang?

You cannot overstate the importance of Thumoslang. It’s essential to a single mind by itself; it’s also crucial to a pair of minds, even when one is not yet Thumoslang-trained. When you involve Thumoslang with only a single mind, yours, you deal with its Level-1 importance. When you do it with two minds, you deal with its Level-2 or Level-3 importance. The latter involves two Thumoslang-trained minds, whereas the former involves one. When you involve Thumoslang with a small team, you deal with its Level-4 importance. When you involve Thumoslang with several groups, you deal with its Level-5 importance. Thumoslang’s importance reaches Level-11 when you no longer talk only about in-person interactions. It reaches Level-99 when you apply the vocabulary’s immense power to our humanity.

The meaning of each level is not set in stone, but these levels illustrate the infinite value of Thumoslang. It is essential to everyone and a group of any size. There will be consequences whether you use it or not. Click here for an extended elaboration on the answer to the question; how important is Thumoslang?

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A Gentle Introduction

In the science fiction film Arrival (2016), Amy Adams plays Dr. Louise Banks, an expert linguist the U.S. Military recruits after a dozen alien ships landed on Earth. Her job is to decipher the alien’s language. Unfortunately, she is often at odds with the combative Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker), who challenges her gentle approach. In response, Dr. Banks shares a fictitious story about the origin of the word Kangaroo.

In the late 18th century, Captain James Cook’s ship ran aground off the southeastern coast of Australia. He led several sailors to explore the newly discovered land, where they encountered a group of aboriginal people. Taking on an opportunity to learn more, a sailor pointed to one of the animals nearby; they carry a pouch on their belly and hop around on their hind legs.

“What do you call these creatures?” The sailor asked.

“Kangaroo!” One of the natives replied.

Satisfied, Captain Cook and his sailors began talking about Kangaroos. However, after many frustrating attempts at further communication, they finally realized Kangaroo meant “I don’t understand!”

Like the European explorers to Australia in the movie, most of us go through life believing that others understand what we mean. That works most of the time, except for when it doesn’t.

How could we ensure that others understand what we mean every time? We can achieve that with neither a shared understanding of terms nor a common understanding.

  • Shared; that means, being present in a specific group.
  • Common; that means, present in most individuals.

The United States has over 100,000 biologists as of 2020. Neither shared understanding nor common understanding is good enough for them in their field. So instead, they use the matching understanding of terms when they want to present technical arguments at work.

In the same year, over 80,000 chemists work in the same nation. Neither shared understanding nor common understanding is good enough for them in their field. So instead, they use the matching understanding of terms to present technical arguments at work.

You get the idea. The same pattern plays out in every field of professional work. How could we achieve a matching understanding every time everywhere?

Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity. The suffix -lang gives it away as a language, but, much more formal, it is a nomenclature.

  • Nomenclature; that means, matching understanding.

To ensure matching understanding every time, biologists use the naming of organisms as their vocabulary. In contrast, chemists use the chemical nomenclature, created and developed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, used most frequently worldwide. Thumoslang, created in 2017 by Nickantony Quach and Mark Canny, is the nomenclature for the rest of us.

The meaning of a term is changed from one to another jargon as you cross to another industry. However, a nomenclature does not allow alternative interpretations of terms used in various industries. For example, the nomenclature of chemistry stays the same in all industries.

If you want to become an expert in any field, you must first learn its nomenclature, i.e., its naming system. Using its vocabulary, you are far more powerful when you talk about various topics in the field. Likewise, using Thumoslang as the vocabulary for social life, you become much better at relationships. You thus have more of them with far less effort.

Thumoslang is indispensable as relationships are everything. You cannot have a good life without meaningful relationships. With Thumoslang, you can have more meaningful relationships for much less effort.

SOURCE: Introducing Thumoslang Kudu – How to Teach Members Optimizing Their Lives and Thus Improve Your Group’s Productivity Drastically

Further Elaboration

If you were the only English-speaking person in your family here in the U.S., you would often find yourself being a language hero. That would not be possible if you didn’t pay your dues and learned the language over many years. As a vocabulary, Thumoslang works likewise. You should not wait until you need it to take the first lessons. Now is the time to learn the vocabulary and give yourself a chance to become a social hero in your circles. You may not want to live through another month without profiting from the use of Thumoslang. In the booklet, About This Website, the following three chapters underline the value of Thumoslang: Executive Briefing, Importance of Thumoslang, and As an Industry in the Future.

Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth. In other words, you can achieve the most meaningful life possible by using the vocabulary to master social situations. The suffix -lang gives it away as a language; Thumoslang is an efficient approach to communication, notably in complex collaboration. You can use Thumoslang, for example, to change a person’s worldview with just a few sentences.

NOTICE: Before continuing, you may want to read Chapter 3 of the booklet Introducing Thumoslang Kudu. It presents an alternative approach to answering the question; What is Thumoslang? Click here to go there.

Thumoslang’s mission is social clarity, whereas its objective is for people to have a matching understanding. You achieved social clarity for a social situation if you understood all its implications. That’s why the Thumoslang website’s slogan is “Social Clarity Now.”

Furthermore, Thumoslang is a platform philosophy but without a set of rules. You could falsifiably compare any pair of philosophies or religions by translating all their rules into Thumoslang. More importantly, anyone could use Thumoslang as a foundation to build a custom or personal philosophy. For an elaboration, see Platform Philosophy or A Foundation for Personal Philosophy.


Created in 2017 by Nickantony Quach (above), Thumoslang is the new “technology” to speed up every conversation’s benefit. With it, members of any group can achieve the group’s mission faster, regardless of its size. You can use Thumoslang for self-development, group development, parenting, mentoring, and educational or business purposes.

Thumoslang’s power is so immense that reparenting humanity is no longer unthinkable. Using Jamie Wheal’s speak, while religions supplied “Meaning 1.0,” technologies brought about “Meaning 2.0.” Thumoslang supports “Meaning 3.0” as it helps members of our humanity deal with problems beyond the reach of both religions and technologies.

The story of Thumoslang began in 2001 but did not appear until 16 years later. Nickantony Quach (left) and Mark Canny (right) used the vocabulary to construct their Thumos Philosophy, also known as PVD Philosophy, as documented by their 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, the original textbook, available in hardcover at Barnes & Noble. Mike Vanseveren (center) first proposed using the term Thumos as part of the book’s title. The YouTube series PVD Philosophy offers an introduction to the book.

The term Thumoslang itself did not appear in the original textbook because neither Nick nor Mark understood its power. Nick first realized its immense power in December 2018 when he used only three sentences from the vocabulary to change the life of a high school graduate. The event gave birth to the language of Thumos, or simply Thumoslang. Norman D. Baker (right) told Nick in 2019 that the term rolled off his tongue quickly, so the name stuck for good.

Alec Mustafayev (left), born in 2002, is the first who grew up with Thumoslang since high school. In 2021, he and Nick produced the first 60 reading episodes for the octalogy Trekvella, an affectionate name for the Thumoslang Reading Collection on Kindle Vella.

The YouTube series Thumoslang101 offers the first demonstration of Thumoslang. The YouTube series Thumoslang102 demonstrate the first use of Thumoslang101 in a mentoring session. The two series NDBaker93 Season 7 aka Thumoslang104 and NDBaker93 Season 12 aka Thumoslang106 further demonstrate how helpful Thumoslang101 is in mentoring. All are available on Ri4CTV, the YouTube channel Rhode Island Foresight Television.

The original Thumos textbook, the octalogy Trekvella, and the YouTube series mentioned above make up the primary teaching material, the authoritative source of Thumoslang knowledge.

Partially Available Now

Click here for the Be More Book (BMB), formally known as the booklet: An Open Letter to All Students: Better English & More Wealth with Thumoslang.


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