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Stronger Social Fabric

22 Why Thumoslang?

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Power of Thumoslang | Introducing Thumoslang

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Thumoslang is a common ground for discourse. With Thumoslang as one of the primary methods to benefit a conversation, interlocutors could refer back to thumbnail definitions so that they could pin down the subject they were talking about and not get confused when they would refer to different ideas or maybe even discuss different understandings of the same idea and use two different definitions.

If not yet done, read Appendix 21A below and review the top reasons for Thumoslang.

Appendix 21A – Top Reasons for Thumoslang
  1. Thumoslang makes you feel more in control; see Most Important Thing in Life, Chapter 11 of Life in 184 Words, aka. Thumoslang on the Run (OTR).
    • Lyonel Fritsch is drawn to Thumoslang because it makes him feel more in control.
  2. Having More Confidence with Thumoslang
    • With Thumoslang, Lyonel Fritsch does not second-guess himself or get caught up in anxiety; he knows what he wants to say and states it.
  3. With social clarity through Thumoslang, you can mend existing relationships effectively, build new ones quickly, and make them last longer. Tell me more.
  4. With Thumoslang, you can save time in all you do by making your internal dialogue more effective, meaningful relationships much more robust, and your ideals realized faster.
  5. Thumoslang is a common ground for discourse. Tell me more.
  6. Thumoslang is a journey toward social clarity. Tell me more.
  7. Thumoslang is everything listed by Introducing the Nomenclature of Thumoslang, Chapter 3 of QMG Business Story in Videos (BSV).

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