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Timesaving with Social Clarity

29 Your Business-of-the-Self

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Breakthrough Ideas

[1] According to Chapter 24, A New Kind of Friend Group, “a bongo is a different type of friend group, unlike what you have seen before. Its mission is to build wealth based on its members’ ideals. A bongo is a group of in-person friends whose mission is their ideals. It is the family you choose to have, complementing the family you were born into.”

[2] Furthermore, Chapter 11, The Most Important Thing in Life, tells us what personal ideals are. “Your ideals are all the milestones most meaningful to you.” They are your ideal self, what you truly want to become. “Everything else is secondary,” said Steve Jobs. The following Thumoslang thumbnail definitions should help clarify.

  • Milestones; that means, chronological objectives.
  • Your ideals; that means, your most meaningful milestones.

[3] Chapter 27, An Unexpected Realization, spells out the objective meaning of leadership. “To be a leader, you must not go too far ahead that what you do is not part of what your people do in their history.” The following Thumoslang thumbnail definition says it all.

  • Leadership; that means, being ahead and part of history.

[4] “To be a leader, you must be part of the first group writing history for your people. You must be part of the first group that created history for your people. To be a group leader, you must spread inspiration and do whatever it takes to be in front and part of its history.”

[5] Nickantony Quach, Alec Mustafayev, and Norman D. Baker formed the first bongo, Bongo One. They cannot create the group’s history if they do not work together to actualize Nick, Alec, and Norman’s ideals.

[6] Could they actualize Alec’s ideals without him doing whatever it takes to be in front and part of his ideal self’s history? No, they could not. Alec’s activities to advance his ideals are his business-of-the-self, a term in Thumoslang. If he did not lead that business unit, he could not create its history. His fellow bongo builders could only help after Alec exercised self-leadership.

All activities to advance your ideals are your business-of-the-self.

[7] Notice that all members of a bongo, the family its members choose to have, must be bongo builders. Each must take turns to be the group’s leader. In contrast, not all members of a birth family are family builders. Likewise, not all members of a traditional club are group builders or community developers.

[8] “[Our] bongo can’t help Alec if Alec doesn’t have a direction for [its members] to take,” Norman expressed his frustration in the bongo chatroom on February 1, 2022. At the time, Alec could not project a schedule for his work on fiction. Though Alec was not at fault, he failed to suggest how his fellow bongo builders could help advance his ideals. As a result, he could not take advantage of his fellow members’ availability for his ideals.

[9] No, Nick, Alec, and Norman do not want you to join their bongo, the family they choose to have. It does not make sense for dozens and hundreds of people to participate in the same family. Suppose you want to be in a group whose mission is each member’s personal ideals, including yours. In that case, you should form your own bongo at your locality.

[10] However, as a member of your bongo, you must take turns to lead fellow members to advance your ideals. Whether you like it or not, all members of a bongo must take turns to be bongo leaders. That is how others can help you lead your business-of-the-self systematically. The video [What is Business of the Self? | NDBaker93 Thumoslang106 | S12E07](v=YOSWM8tCX3Y) offers further discussion.

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