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Your Superpower

Trekvella Bookshelf | Series 2 Episodes

An Important Walk, the first episode in Trekvella’s Series 1 – Thumoslang Stories, is one of the most referred-to articles in the reading collection Trekvella. It recounts the experience of David. He is a high school student who encountered Thumoslang for the first time. Its analysis is in this episode. A Fantasy on Mars, the second episode in Trekvella’s Series 2 – Thumoslang Stories, recounts a review of the mentioned analysis.

An Extract from the WBFG Handbook

If you want to build wealth, you must have a team. Suppose you want another person to join your group. In that case, you must be able to change that person’s worldview before that person loses interest in hearing you out. Chapter 5 – Learn by Direct Experience in the booklet Building Wealth from Empty Hands shows you how.

From our earlier experiences, it’s not possible to share the knowledge of Thumoslang with a stranger by mentioning the word Thumoslang and providing a lecture of any length on the subject. “While using Thumoslang, avoid mentioning its name,” advised Preparing for Separation, the seventh reading episode of the Kindle Vella series Parenting Made Perfect.

“Unfortunately, despite how Thumoslang can simplify and benefit people’s lives, it is challenging to explain what it is and how it works to others, mainly because it is, most likely, the first of its kind; a scientific and empirical system for social life.” This passage appears in Your Superpower, the first reading episode of the Kindle Vella series Practical Guide to Thumoslang. “When people first try to introduce Thumoslang, their friends often ask if it is a cult or religion. Additionally, friends trying to understand Thumoslang may not see why a thumbnail definition their friend tells them about is valuable or any more important than the definition they would find in a dictionary. Therefore, the topic of Thumoslang must be introduced with the proper context, such as a practical way to solve a problem or make the average person understand how the formal vocabulary can benefit their lives.”


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