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About the Dictionary of Thumoslang

The Dictionary of Thumoslang is not available at this time; it will be published on Amazon’s Kindle Vella.

Available Thumoslang Books

As of July 2021, the only “books” on Thumoslang are the Thumoslang Reading Series on Kindle Vella. Initially, Amazon’s Kindle Vella is available only to the US customers on

Access to the Thumoslang Dictionary’s Database

Nickantony Quach has access to the Thumoslang Dictionary’s database. Feel free to contact him directly; he will be glad to help look up various terms in the database for you.

About the Guide to Thumoslang

Since July 2021, the Guide to Thumoslang is presented as the Thumoslang Reading Series on Kindle Vella. Click here for the GSLU Member Handbook.

Unintentionally created in 2017, accidentally discovered in 2018, and first taught in 2019, Thumoslang is the first formal vocabulary for social life. Its mission is social clarity, and its objective is people having matching understanding, especially in a difficult situation. Its immense power rests with its countless thumbnail definitions. All are based on the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. Its hardcover version is available at Barnes & Noble.

Books on Thumoslang were not available until July 2021; the first ones are the collection of several Thumoslang Reading Series on Kindle Vella. Click here for the listing.

Thumoslang Network is an associate of Meetup groups whose members use Thumoslang as their basic strategy for greater social life. Part of the network is the Greater Social Life Union (GSLU). The handbook for its members is at

Click here for the GSLU Member Handbook.


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