This bulletin is for those who are new to Thumoslang or Trekvella.

  1. Trekvella News (TVN) is a program that keeps you updated with the latest news from the Thumoslang Development Team of Providence (T3DevTeam401).
  2. The first two members of T3DevTeam401 are Nickantony Quach and Alec Mustafayev; they and their associates call themselves the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG).
  3. Since July 2021, Kindle Vella has been Amazon’s mobile-first platform for an interactive experience reading serialized stories.
  4. QMG is the creator of Trekvella; since August 2021, Trekvella is an affectionate name for the octalogy Thumoslang Reading Collection on Kindle Vella; see the Overview of Trekvella.
  5. The octalogy Trekvella consists of eight reading series listed on this page; read them all to supersize your linguistic power and become a superhero in your social circles.
  6. All are based on the original Thumos text, the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, written by Nickantony Quach and Mark Canny, available in hardcover at Barnes & Noble.
  7. The original Thumos text and the octalogy Trekvella make up the most authoritative source of Thumoslang knowledge.
  8. The word Thumoslang itself does not appear in the 2017 book because its authors did not understand the formal vocabulary’s immense power until two years after publication, capable of revolutionizing social life.
  9. As the suffix -lang suggests, Thumoslang is a “language.” Unintentionally created in 2017, accidentally discovered in 2018, and first taught in 2019, Thumoslang is the first and only formal vocabulary for greater social life. Its mission is social clarity, and its objective is people having a matching understanding. You achieve social clarity when you have a complete understanding of social situations.
  10. Thumoslang’s immense power rests with its countless thumbnail definitions used to express your ideals, all the milestones most meaningful to your life, so clearly that others know how to avoid interfering with your life and respect you fully. After all, they could not love you if they did not know how to respect you.
  11. You could use Thumoslang thumbnail definitions, as demonstrated by the YouTube series Thumoslang102, to win friends quickly by changing another person’s worldview within a few sentences and do it, again and again, several times during the same conversation; see Changing Life in 20 Sentences (S5E2), the second episode of the fifth reading series in Trekvella.
  12. Both the original Thumos text and the octalogy Trekvella depict Thumoslang as a systematic yet comprehensive approach to unleashing the power of personal philosophy without generating an unnecessary amount of unwanted drama in life. You can thus reach your ideals at the fastest possible speed. Using Thumoslang, you can finally create your ideal self and actualize what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
  13. Furthermore, Thumoslang is a platform philosophy. With no rules, it does not tell you how to live your life. Writers, mentors, and the likes with fortitude sticking with it long enough will be the first to discover breakthroughs necessary for humanity to win multi-planetary victories. Using Thumoslang, they could address problems out of reach for both religions and technologies.
  14. The octalogy Trekvella’s eight series are (S1) Thumoslang Stories, (S2) Practical Guide to Thumoslang, (S3) Thumoslang at Work, (S4) Thumoslang Philosophy, (S5) Personal Startup Using Thumoslang, (S6) Thumoslang Chronicle, (S7) Parenting Made Perfect, and (S8) The Business of Your Ideals.
  15. As of this writing, the first five series (S1-S5) and the last one (S8) have eight episodes each; that’s 48 episodes. S7 has seven episodes, whereas S6 has four. Together Trekvella has 59 episodes in total.
  16. What makes the true stories of Trekvella authentic is that the author did not plan to look for them in the slightest. They are objective reports of what happened in the life of actual people with real situations in their social life. For example, Alec Mustafayev, born in 2002, and Norman D. Baker, born in 1993, are two main characters in Trekvella. Many of their true stories are captured by various videos on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV, Rhode Island Foresight Television.
  17. On the fourth Monday of August 2021, Alec (left) and Norman (right) shook hands to begin a business relationship that will bring Thumoslang to the world. In the photo, they are holding some cash to invite you to join them on a Thumoslang journey towards a profitable future together.